Sony Introduces Stylish ‘Infrared Ray’ Remotes

Sony Infrared Ray Remotes (Images courtesy AVING USA)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve often been tempted to upgrade my TV remotes to something more worthy of a guy who writes about gadgets all day but unfortunately they’re the rare devices in my home that don’t get a lot of TLC. And every few months when they inevitably need to be replaced I choose a cheap Sony universal remote which is why I’m particularly excited to see these new low-end models being released.

The RM-PZ1FD, RM-PZ1SD and RM-PZ1D come in 3 distinct styles and besides being water resistant the remotes also use a three infrared LED system allowing them to be used in a wider angle around your TV. I’m particularly fond of the wide layout used on the RM-PZ1FD model but unfortunately it seems like these new remotes are only destined for the Japanese market at the moment.

[ Sony to launch its three infrared ray remote controls ] VIA [ Ubergizmo ]