Sony Increases Hard Drive, Decreases Features Of New PS3

By Luke Anderson

If you’ve been wanting a PS3, but have been waiting around to see if they would up the hard drive just a bit more, you’re in luck. Sony has just announced that they will be releasing a 160GB model this November. This is double the storage space of the previous model, but the bigger hard drive comes as a price.

Yes, they have increased the cost of the new version to $500, but that’s not what I’m talking about. In order to cut costs, they have left out features such as the built-in card reader and backwards compatibility. Backwards compatibility has been a major issue with PS3 fans, and it seems that Sony is killing it off for good.

What you will get in the box is a DualShock 3 controller, and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and a voucher to download Pain from the PlayStation Store. Honestly, if you’re concerned about hard drive space and backwards compatibility, just find yourself an older model and upgrade the hard drive yourself.

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8 thoughts on “Sony Increases Hard Drive, Decreases Features Of New PS3”

  1. I still don’t understand how backwards compatibility that is software based can cost Sony any extra money when its already been developed. Can anyone explain that one to me? Why get rid of a feature that costs nothing to include?

  2. Backwards compatibility is an absolute MUST for me. Luckily I got a launch system, so I’m all set.

    It doesn’t cost Sony nothing to include backwards compatibility. From what I’ve heard/read (someone please correct me if I’m wrong), blu-ray discs and DVD/CD lasers are different. Therefore there are two separate readers within the system that reads each, if this IS the case, then I understand the exclusion of backwards compatibility, but think it’s absolutely foolish.

  3. I actually read into it more. There is a lot of confusion on the issue. The disc lasers is not correct. If it didn’t have both lasers, you couldn’t play DVDs in the drive, which ALL PS3s can do.

    No, the real reason IS hardware based. In the launch console, it had the emotion engine chip (the PS2 CPU) and the GPU from the PS2 in addition to the PS3 chips. In the later renditions that were software emulation, it still had PS2 hardware. The difference is that it was missing the emotion engine chip, and only had the GPU from the PS2. So there was still PS2 hardware. Then, in the newest versions of the PS3, both the emotion engine and the GPU for the PS2 are completely missing.

    So there is no 100% PS2 software emulation. Just PS2 CPU emulation, but nothing that emulates the graphics hardware.

    Not that I think it was a good move on Sony’s part. I have happily been playing through Metal Gear Solid 1, 2, and 3 as a way of building up to 4 since I never played these originally. I would never have bought a PS2 when I have a PS3. In fact, Backwards compatibility was key in my PS3 purchase to begin with. Glad I have a launch 60 GB, the best PS3 ever released (and I got it for $500 too.)

  4. I’m a fan of your site, but you missed on this headline. This unit has the same specs the 40gig PS3 has had for a while now. They just upped the HDD. So your headline is completly inaccurate. The loss of back/comp is a shame, but it was announced months ago.

    You sound like another disgruntled Xboxer trying to dis the PS3. Sorry, but it’s the most versitile and powerful system out. That’s just the facts. If $100 bucks in price difference is too much for you to handle, maybe you don’t need to spend money on games. Not to mention that PSN is free of charge, so that’s $50 less of a dif once you spend for XBLive.

    Stop the hate… Love the PS3. It made me sell my 360 and I’ve never had a regret.

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