Sony Ericsson’s MS500 Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Sony Ericsson MS500 (Image courtesy Sony Ericsson)
By Andrew Liszewski

If the speaker on your cellphone or bluetooth equipped MP3 player just isn’t cutting it, Sony Ericsson’s new MS500 portable speaker might be of interest to you, as long as you’re not expecting much. The wireless speaker connects to your devices via Bluetooth A2DP, and has a range of about 32 feet. It comes attached to a lanyard allowing you to clip it to your belt or bag keeping it in easy reach, but if you do decide to push the limits of its range, the MS500 also has its own set of play and volume controls which means you don’t necessarily need to have access to the device it’s connected to.

A basic set of AA batteries should provide up to 5 hours of music, and the splashproof shell means you can take it to the beach or use it during other outside activities. Unfortunately there’s no info on pricing or availability at this time, but when it is released you’ll have your choice of the black and orange color scheme pictured above, or white and pink.

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