Sony CDX-HS70MW – Marine Stereo

Sony CDX-HS70MW Marine Head Unit (Image courtesy Sony)
By Andrew Liszewski

Sony makes some great gear when it comes to car stereos but did you know they also make stereo equipment for boats too? The CDX-HS70MW is a Marine-ready ‘in-dash’ CD player that also includes MP3 and ATRAC3 functionality as well as support for satellite radio. The front panel uses large, easy to press buttons and not surprisingly is not only splash-proof but is also finished with UV and salt-resistant paint. And like with some of the automotive stereos in Sony’s ‘Xplod’ line it can be used to access and control an attached iPod.

Of course the dashboard on a boat is not exactly like those found in a car and often times the mounting surface can be angled. So the CDX-HS70MW is specially designed to allow for optimal performance even when installed up to a 45 degree angle.

The Sony CDX-HS70MW has an ESRP of $299.95 and should be available now.

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