Sonora Eklipse CD Clock Radio With iPod Dock

Sonoro Eklipse (Image courtesy Unica Home)
By Andrew Liszewski

So, does someone want to help me figure out how and why this CD clock radio from Sonoro costs a whopping $550? Let’s see, it’s got a slot loading CD player that’s MP3-friendly, nothing special there. A ‘top-quality’ AM/FM radio, not exactly a bleeding edge innovation either. An iPod dock that will also recharge your player? Hmm… Well I guess if you haven’t set foot in an electronics store in the past 10 years this might seem like a technological breakthrough, but other than that, I’m hard-pressed to find a reason why anyone would drop $550 on this thing. Oh wait, I didn’t notice the shiny black finish and glowing accents! Now I get it!

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6 thoughts on “Sonora Eklipse CD Clock Radio With iPod Dock”

  1. Here's the real kicker: looking at the screen, it's obvious that this is just a reshaped and up-priced Luna X2 with a slot-loading CD thrown in. Cost of the X2? $130.

  2. Ahem! It's Sonoro not “Sonora” ! Sonoro is a famous in Europe of it's high quality products. Those mono clock radios produce mega bass and they have really powerfull radio tuner.

  3. Sorry, i think this looks amazing, if you'd like your home electronics to look attractive. If it drops under $400 I'll get it. Compare its price to a Tivoli system and it's not bad.

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