Sonastand Is Practical, Portable iPhone Sound Amplifier

By David Ponce

This little object has been making the rounds lately but we were a little slow on the trigger and missed the mark entirely. Better late than never, we say, and so we bring you news of the Sonastand. It’s a fully funded Kickstarter project consisting of a piece of machined aluminum we certainly wouldn’t mind carrying around. See, it’s both a stand for the iPhone and an amplifying horn in one. There’s no complicated docking maneuver to use it, you simply slide the phone in and the speakers will be positioned right where they need to be. In audio tests, the Sonastand has shown to provide considerable decibel improvement. It’s easy to carry around; a little pouch is even provided. It will eventually come in 4 sizes to accommodate cases and the like. And the best part is that it’s not too expensive, at $35, with expected delivery in June of this year.

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