The Chocolate Bomb

Explosive Chocolate Bomb (Image courtesy Chocolate Trading Co. UK)By Andrew Liszewski

What’s the perfect way to end a nice quiet dinner party? Well with an Explosive Chocolate Bomb of course. Your guests will most likely be quite curious as to why there is a wick sticking out of your chocolate centerpiece during the meal. All that mystery will be revealed though when after dinner you clear the table, setup the included safety guard (read blast shield), usher your guests to a safe viewing distance and light the wick.

While the website is a bit vague as to the extent of the actual explosion I’m at least hoping the chocolate shockwaves can be tasted by neighbors 2 streets over. I presume that’s being a bit optimistic though. If the bomb does fail to detonate there are even special instructions included on how to properly defuse it.

The Explosive Chocolate Bomb is available from the Chocolate Trading Co. for ?75. However it seems that explosive chocolate regulations are far more strict in North America so this bomb can not be shipped outside the UK unfortunately.

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