Some Horn Tootin’

We all like to brag. It’s fun. Makes people hate you and stuff. Which is why I’m happy to give you a few tidbits of info.

First, know that OhGizmo has been ranked #226 in Feedster’s Top 500 blogs for the month of November/December, with 3,391 incoming links. Yay!

Also, reader and sponsor Daniel points out to me that Norway’s largest teen mag, Inpoc Magazine (with a reader base of 238,000) mentions OhGizmo in an article about the cosmetics fridge. Well, hey, we’re in print!

And by the way, you really should give Daniel’s website, a little visit. It’s a gadget blog in Norwegian, but we can look at the pretty pictures.

And that’s it.

Ah, yeah, and by the way, I’ve added a new feature. You can now email any article to your friends. So, if there’s something you really like, just click on the “email this” link and send the article right to your friend’s inbox.