Some Guy In Spain Makes A Triple-Barreled Handgun

By David Ponce

This interconnected series of tubes we call the Internet sure has a way to provide us eager internauts with a never ending supply of WTFs. Sometimes there’s a fair amount of detail and information surrounding the WTF, but very often there isn’t. Such is the case with the above, a triple-barreled handgun that allegedly shoots 6.35mm rounds, and was made by someone in Spain. Yes, it’s allegedly a one-off creation so you can’t buy it, nor are we certain you’d want to. Judging by the finish on some of those parts, it looks like someone had some spare time in shop class and decided to see if he could do something special. We can’t be sure if it fires three shots at once, but we’re assuming it does. And at a 6.35mm caliber, it better fire three if it has any hope of seriously stopping whatever is down its sights.

VIA [ Geekologie ]

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