Solvit Jogging Kit Turns Pet Trailer Into A Jogger

Solvit Jogging Kit for Track'r (Image courtesy K9 Electronics)By Andrew Liszewski

I really hate seeing overweight pets, so I’m not exactly thrilled with this Jogger designed to carry larger dogs. I can maybe see the need for one for smaller pets who tire quickly, or an older one who has trouble walking, but if you’ve got a healthy Golden Retriever at home you really shouldn’t be pushing it around in something like this. No matter how pampered the pet may be.

Now to clarify, this kit actually converts the Solvit Track’r Pet Bicycle Trailer into a jogging friendly version. So the kit’s $49.99 price tag from K9 Electronics doesn’t include the additional $149.99 for the trailer itself.

[ Solvit Jogging Kit for Track’r ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

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  1. If you have a puppy that can’t go long distances and you are an avid exerciser this is for you. Puppy walks part way and rides part way. If you are a cyclist that goes 50 miles your dog can’t do that much. He can still come along with this. If your old dog who used to love to go out with you just can’t walk well any more you can still take him with you. Lots of reasons for this gizmo!

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