Sold Right Away: Zoomdoggle’s Buckyballs

Sold Right Away: Zoomdoggle’s Buckyballs


By David Ponce

I’m impulsive, but heck… not this much. But when I saw the Buckyballs from Zoomdoggle, I made a purchase right away. Like, within 30 seconds. It’s a set of 216 small rare earth magnets that can be reconfigured in endless ways. It’s a toy. It’s crazy stupid and useless, kind of like a Hula Hoop or a Rubik’s Cube. But if you watch the video below, I bet you’ll want your own.

They’re $30 plus shipping, and free shipping if you buy two. Use promo code “GetBucked” for 10% off.

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6 thoughts on “Sold Right Away: Zoomdoggle’s Buckyballs”

  1. I bought these on an impulse and to do all the things you see in the video would take a LOT Of prep work with these little things. They have since become refrigerator magnets for me.

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