Solar Powered Nalgene Lantern Cap

LightCap 200

By Evan Ackerman

Have a Nalgene bottle? No? What’s the matter, you’re not cool and hip and sporty? You should totally get one, if for no other reason than you’ll need it to get this solar powered LED lamp cap to do what it’s supposed to. The LightCap 200 weighs only 2.6 oz, and the four super bright white LEDs inside will shine down through your water bottle (it works on anything with a 2.25″ mouth) and turn it into a lantern. The LEDs are solar powered, and the waterproof cap has both a switch and an ambient light sensor. There’s no information on charge times, but it looks to be a pretty effective lamp.


It comes in either black or clear plastic and costs a reasonable $20.

[ LightCap 200 ] VIA [ Likecool ]

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