Solar Mole & Gopher Chaser

Solar Mole & Gopher Chaser (Image courtesy Solutions)By Andrew Liszewski

Caddyshack would have been considerably less entertaining if Carl Spackler had access to this solar powered gopher and mole deterrent. Instead of using harmful chemicals or high powered explosives to rid your yard, garden or country club of the pesky varmints, the solar chaser emits a sonic tone every 30 seconds that will apparently drive them all away.

Even though it’s solar powered the device will keep working throughout the night and during overcast days thanks to a replaceable Ni-MH battery pack that’s recharged whenever sunlight is available. And a single solar chaser staked in the ground will cover an incredible 7,000 square foot area. So it’s got that goin’ for it… which is nice.

You can get it from Solutions for $29.95.

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3 thoughts on “Solar Mole & Gopher Chaser”

  1. 7000 square feet is a radius of 14.4 metres, not all that incredible, as far as the usual claims for these so-called “pest control” devices go.

    The FTC has sent warning letters for false and deceptive advertising to dozens of manufacturers. The result: the market switched away from calling it “ultrasonic”, now using “subsonic” or “interval sonics”. Either way, the efficacy claims are not supported by scientific evidence, on the contrary.

    Bottom line is, these devices just don’t work.

    The market for hawking flimflam products to uninformed customers is big enough already, no need for providing additional credulous publicity for these. I wish you’d focus more on the nerdy gizmos instead. You know, on products whose function is undisputed, or on toys where it’s OBVIOUS when you’re spending your money on something silly and useless.

  2. Yeah. Regardless of whether these dirt vibrators are battery or solar powered, they just do not work. The depressing thing is that these devices are sold by reputable chains like Lowe’s, and even endorsed by the guys at This Old House.

    Had a horrible mole problem at a former property, and the only solution was the hiring of a liscenced pest control service that specialized in mole removal. The problem is solved by eliminating the mole’s food source (normally grubs), via the application of relatively expensive yard and plant treatments. Again, the sonic pulse sticks are simply ineffective.

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