Soft-Touch Stylus For Apple iPhone & iPod Touch

Soft-Touch Stylus for Apple iPhone & iPod Touch (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve never had a problem with typing or hitting buttons on the iPhone. But if like Homer Simpson you’ve decided to gain massive amounts of weight to go on workers comp, and now require a special dialing wand for your phone, this will fit the bill. It’s made of aluminum and while it looks to be as thick as a standard pen or pencil, at 4 inches in length it’s probably just a bit shorter. However the most important feature of this stylus is the soft rubber tip which works on both the iPhone and iPod Touch screens without scratching them or leaving behind fingerprints and smudges. That alone could be worth picking one up.

You can find the Soft-Touch Stylus at for just $12.99.

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