Sofa + Hammock = A Match Made In Heaven

Sofa Hammock (Image courtesy apartment therapy)
By Andrew Liszewski

Over the years there have been some great combinations like chocolate & peanut butter, Mork & Mindy, nacho & cheese or even Cop Rock & canceled but this one easily tops them all. Take two of the most comfortable places to nap and/or relax and then mash them together and what you’re left with is this combination sofa & hammock. My mind is still reeling when I try to comprehend what it might be like to kick back in this thing. I suspect one would instantly fall into a state of perpetual relaxation and apathy.

Unfortunately though except for that photo not much else is known about the sofa hammock like price or availability. It was originally found at a German website called Bless-Service but like a lot of design-oriented sites, usability and navigation takes a back seat so be forewarned.

[ Sofa Hammock @ apartment therapy ] VIA [ Cribcandy ]

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