Sofa Bike Makes Eco-Friendly Commuting Alternatives More Enticing

Sofa Bike (Images courtesy Jacek Holubowicz)
By Andrew Liszewski

I know I’ve seen bicycle/sofa mashups online before, but Jacek Holubowicz’s Sofa Bike has a level of polish and finish that makes it look like you could walk into a Schwinn dealer and take one home. But you can’t. The bike is a one-off, built by hand, to explore the idea of enjoying a bike date with a special someone. Two sets of pedals connect to two separate 8-gear hubs allowing each person to carry their own weight, and hydraulic braking and steering are handled by a single crank located on the left arm of the sofa. It’s even got a folding roof that easily pops-up thanks to a set of assistive gas springs, and its own sound system powered by a rechargeable battery. Best of all? The video I’ve included below makes driving it around look like a heck of a lot of fun.

[ designboom – Sofa Bike ]