SodaStream Mix Injects Bubbles Into Your Cocktails


Machines like the SodaStream, which do nothing more than carbonate your water, are of dubious utility in a world where a can of Coke costs next to nothing. That might be why the company has apparently decided to create the SodaStream Mix, an “adult version” of the same machine. Instead of carbonating your water only, this connected device is able to fizz up any alcoholic drink you want; it will adjust its carbonation levels based on the viscosity of the mix you insert. You just have to swipe through the many recipes available, pick the one you’re making, and insert your flat liquid only to have to come out nice and bubbly a few minutes later. There’s no word on price or availability.

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2 thoughts on “SodaStream Mix Injects Bubbles Into Your Cocktails”

  1. Well just for health reasons a can of coke either regular or diet is not good for you or your waist line where a glass of water that has been carbonated is just as good as plan water but has a much better taste. And water is great for you compared to coke or any other soda. I have a soda stream and do not use their ‘soda’ add on and love it.

  2. Since we got a soda stream our carbon footprint for containers has been cut to almost zero. No cans, no bottles. Good old water. And I dropped the calories off as well.

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