So Apparently $70k Buys You A Pretty Fancy Batcave-Like Underground “Survival Shelter”

It must be interesting to live in the sort of country that has such an institutionalized fear-of-the-guy-next-door that a business that manufactures giant, $70,000 “galvanized corrugated pipe” underground shelters seems to be doing brisk business. We also find it funny that in the description of said shelters, the following gem can be found: “In the case an intruder tries to enter your bunker through the main hatch, you have a means to escape by digging out through the ATLAS ESCAPE HATCH and eliminating the intruder from his backside.” So yeah, if you’re reading this article, hunkered down behind bulletproof windows perhaps you can go one (or ten) steps further and bury yourself 20 feet underground… for complete safety. The company in question is Atlas Survival Shelters.

These shelters are pretty solid and even swanky. The largest one is the 12 man Backcountry Bunker that is 10 feet in diameter by 50 feet in length. It comes with a main 48 inch downward pipe entrance/blast hatch (in case of the inevitable thermonuclear war, of course), a 10 feet long decontamination chamber, 24 feet of living quarters and a uh, escape tunnel (to get to the intruder’s backside, remember?). Under the floor you find a 36 inch storage area, while the space against the walls is decked out with either beds, home theatre setups, kitchenettes and various useful things, like a… “48 inch desk you can use as a command center to hold your HF and VHF radios plus your monitor for your surveillance cameras.”

Unless you’re a dictator expecting forceful removal, we can’t quite get behind recommending this kind of purchase, really. Or if you’re Kim Dotcom. Really, Kim, this would have been better than your “panic room”. Still, pictures are worth a 1,000 words, so hit the jump for plenty of those plus links.

Did we mention they’re based out of Texas?

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2 thoughts on “So Apparently $70k Buys You A Pretty Fancy Batcave-Like Underground “Survival Shelter””

  1. I know a lot of kids who’d love their parents to buy one – then they could use it as their room. 

    Anyone ever see the cheesey 80’s movie “Airborne”?  A kid in that movie made his room/lived in the family’s underground bomb shelter. 

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