SnoopStick – Goodbye Privacy

SnoopStick (Image courtesy Solid Oak Software)By Andrew Liszewski

The SnoopStick is a USB flash drive apparently designed with the intent of allowing parents or employers to keep an eye on what their kids or employees are doing online. Just plug the SnoopStick into any USB equipped PC you want to monitor and then run the setup program which takes about 60 seconds. The software that gets installed is completely invisible leaving no evidence that the system is being watched or monitored.

Once installed on a system you can then monitor that computer’s online activities anywhere in the world by simply plugging the SnoopStick into your own PC. You can see what websites have been visited, check who or where emails have been sent and even read IM conversations as they happen in real time. The SnoopStick will even store up to 12 months of activity logs if you don’t want to keep an eye on the other computer all the time or if you happen to need a bit of evidence later on.

The SnoopStick is available from CYBERsitter for only $59.95.

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2 thoughts on “SnoopStick – Goodbye Privacy”

  1. I wonder how you monitor it… does it upload to a website? Or do you have access to the hard drive? Aka.. trojan…. interesting spy program though. Very interesting.

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