SNIF Tags Monitor Your Dog’s Health, Social Network

By Evan Ackerman

Yes, I know, your dog is the best dog ever and you just have to know what he’s doing all the time and share that information with the rest of the known universe. Well, get yourself a SNIF tag and you can do just that. Hooray. The SNIF tag uses and accelerometer to guess what your dog is most likely doing (walking, running, napping, licking itself, etc.) and then transmits the information wirelessly to the SNIF base station, where you can monitor your pet real time through the SNIF website and post updates to your twitter account every 30 seconds. If your dog is out of range, the SNIF tag stores the information, which you can retrieve by docking the tag with the base station later. You can compare the activity levels of your dog with other dogs of the same size and breed, and see how your pooch stacks up to the competition.

In addition to activity monitoring, SNIF tags also contain a unique ID. When your dog meets another SNIF tag equipped dog, the tags exchange IDs through RFID, and your dog as made a “friend,” who you can check out later by accessing your dog’s social network via the SNIF website. And hey, if the owner is cute, “you have the choice of becoming friends, or maybe more.” Um, right. The big downside to the SNIF tag that I can see is that it’ll just provide conclusive proof that your dog is much more fit, and has a lot more friends, than you. Oh well, you knew it all along.

The SNIF tag starter kit costs $200 for a limited time here, and it costs $89 a year to access some unspecified “premium” online features. An extra perky user review of the SNIF tag (OMG it accessorizes and lights up!) after the jump.

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  1. There is plastic surgery for dogs, even a spa center so this new invention doesn't surprise me at all. I wonder when they will invent “clone your dog”.
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