Smokio Is A Smart eCigarette, Oxymoron Nothwithstanding


Not since the 1950’s has anyone put the concept of smart and smoking together, but with the advent of electronic cigarettes it was only a matter of time until it happened. Smokio may look like just another one of the current crop of vapour-producing cessation aids/alternative smokes, but it happens to be able to pair with your smartphone. In doing so, you gain access to the ability to track how much you’ve smoked, where you’ve smoked, and even find out how many equivalent analog cigarettes you would have inhaled had you not made the switch. Other features include being able to check the battery and regulate how much smoke you get with each puff.

While some of the jury is still out regarding the long-term safety of electronic cigs, everything points to them being much much safer than their tobacco based dopplegangers. If the Smokio’s features have made of you a potential buyer, know that there’s no price or availability information yet. We will know more once they launch their Kickstarter, which should happen “soon”.

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