Smoking Tire Scented Candles

By David Ponce

So you went and got married, huh? And next thing you know, your days at the track, are over. Now it’s fist-deep in poopy diapers all day, and making sensible choices, and being responsible and all that jive. But the smell of burning rubber still takes you back, huh?

Well, you can either relive those good ole’ times, or torture yourself all day (you could see it either way, I ‘spose) with Smokin’ Slick Scented Candles. They are pretty much what they seem to be. Tire shaped candles that give off the smell of burning rubber.

I think it’s great!

They’re $13 or $14, for candles, so you better be sure you want’em.

[Burning Rubber Scented Candles] VIA [J-Walk Blog]

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