Smokey The Silencer Helps You Burn Things In Peace


By Evan Ackerman

Since smoke detectors are designed to detect smoke, they’re damn annoying when you’re burning something on purpose. You know, like dinner. You have to either stand on a chair and wave something in front of the detector forever or just give up and take out the batteries, which you’ll inevitably forget to replace, and your house will burn down. Yep, it will, for sure.

A better solution is Smokey the Silencer, a friendly little plastic dude with no legs who sticks to your fridge and can be used to remotely shut your smoke detector up until you’ve finished toasting marshmallows. The rest of the time, Smokey is a handy kitchen timer. You’ll have to get a detector with an XBee wireless communication chip in it, so the minimal convenience that Smokey offers may not ultimately be cost effective, unless (like me) you rely entirely on your smoke detector to tell you when dinner is ready.

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