Smoke Sucking USB Powered Ashtray

USB powered ashtrayBy David Ponce

Your cigarette smoke is a delicious wisp of Heaven Breath. In fact, it’s so lovely, that you shouldn’t even consider sharing it with others in the shape of second hand, uh, smoke. That’s why I’m all for purchasing this $50 USB powered ashtray.

What’s so special about it? Well, you place your burning cancer stick inside, and a little fan will suck the smoke in. Will it then feed it through magical filters and annihilate it’s healing powers? Will it convert it to scrumptious “negative ions”? Eh, it’s not clear, at least according to this strange description.

All I’m almost sure about is that there’s USB power involved and that a burning cigarette is meant to be used in conjunction.

[USB Powered Ashtray and here] VIA [Gizmowatch]

4 thoughts on “Smoke Sucking USB Powered Ashtray”

  1. wow .. that’s funny . must be a market for usb stuff
    anyone got any cash to throw into r&d ? i bet alot of you are like me and would like your stuff up here..(pipe dreaming again).jw

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