Smeg High Tech Home Garden

Smeg High Tech Home Garden

Smeg Home Garden (Images courtesy Smeg)
By Andrew Liszewski

I know plants can be a healthy addition to your home, but I find they’re just too demanding what with the constant need for watering and sunlight. (My apartment is just slightly brighter than a cave, given all the glowing LEDs.) But the Smeg Home Garden can actually take care of all that hassle for you. It’s a fancy glass and metal miniature greenhouse that provides the plants inside with all the comforts of being in their natural environment.

From what I can tell you select one of three different micro-climate settings that best cater to the plants you’ve imprisoned. Humid, dry or temperate. An automated system will then ensure the plants get enough light via an artificial light source in the roof, the proper amount of humidity via a vaporizing system as well as a constant temperature pattern that will keep them looking alive and healthy. Because the structure is entirely covered with glass the plants are visible from every angle, and it also seems to include a remote control with a keypad lock to ensure no one tampers with your greenery. (Cause we’ve all heard stories of just how cutthroat the gardening world can be.)

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