SmartShopper Remembers

SmartShopperBy Andrew Liszewski

I have to admit that while I typically do rely on a list when I’m grocery shopping, it’s not the end of the world if I’ve forgotten to write one out.

However, for those of you who live and die by a shopping list, it might be time to upgrade from your simple pen and paper. The SmartShopper uses voice-recognition to file and organize your required items into a store-friendly list and displays them on it’s built-in LCD screen. The device will recognise some 2000 items that come standard in it’s database but more can be added by the user as required. If carrying the SmartShopper seems like too much of a burden while at the grocery store, it also comes with a built-in thermal printer that will conveniently output your list pre-organized according to food categories.

The SmartShopper is said to be available by the end of 2006. No price has been set as of yet.

[The Smartshopper]