Smartphone Right Into His Prosthetic Arm Is What This Man Did

By David Ponce

Let’s not kid ourselves. Our generation is in the process of developing a terrible skill: one-handed telephone use through extensive texting-while-driving. Kids, shame on you. Trevor Prideaux, a man of a previous generation, did not have this sort of skill and found it difficult to use newer smartphones with only one arm, having been born with only one. He’d either have to balance them on the prosthetic arm or put it on a flat surface. So he had a special prosthetic made:

Technicians at the Exeter Mobility Centre got working on a ground-breaking limb. Prosthethist Steve Gallichan, technician Les Street and undergraduate worker Sarah Bennett then produced a prototype in just five weeks. They made a laminated fibre cast of the phone and built it into the limb, so Mr Prideaux’s mobile could fit inside.

So now his Nokia C7 sits snugly in the artificial limb and Steve is happy as can be.

Why a Nokia C7? Because he asked apple for a blank case of the iPhone for fitting and testing and they turned him down.

[ The Telegraph ] VIA [ Geekosystem ]