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Smarthome Ultra Efficient LED Lightbulb

nullSo it's not everyday that you consider dropping 40$ for a lightbulb, right? Still, this might be one of those purchases you only have to make once every, what, 10 years? See, it's a little 60,000 hour conglomerate of 36 ultra-bright LEDs that presumably shines just as bright as a conventional lightbulb of... undeterminate wattage. See, the website doesn't say. Well, there's 36 ultra-bright LEDs... so I'm guessing it's bright enough.

And, it consumes only 1.3 watts of electricity, meaning that if you run it 24 hours a day, it should only cost you about 1.8$ a year.

Think about that.

Go here.
VIA MetaEfficient.

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