Smarthome Curved Shower Curtain Rod

Smarthome Curved Shower Curtain Rod (Image courtesy Smarthome)By Andrew Liszewski

The majority of us who live in apartments don’t have the benefit of an actual shower stall in our bathrooms. Instead we have a bathtub with a shower head, which isn’t usually the most roomiest of places.

From Smarthome comes a really simple way to give that bathtub-shower a lot more elbow room. This unique shower rod actually curves outward and away from the bathtub itself and depending on where it’s installed can provide close to a foot of extra space. It works with any standard shower curtain and comes with all the necessary hardware for installation, which is apparently pretty easy with an existing shower rod already in place.

The Curved Shower Curtain Rod is available from Smarthome in white for $24.99, and in Polished Nickel or Stainless Steel for $29.99 each.

[Smarthome Curved Shower Curtain Rod]

4 thoughts on “Smarthome Curved Shower Curtain Rod”

  1. I’ve seen these at a couple of Hampton Inns that I’ve stayed in recently. It really does make a big difference, especially when the showere does that little vortex deal and tries to suck the curtain in at you.

  2. There was one in the Onyx hotel that I stayed at last May and it made so much sense, and does give you a lot more room.

    I bought one for my new home back in Feb for about $30 from Install is less then 10 minutes (including removal of your old one) and makes the mornings just a bit more comfy and inviting.

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