SmartFaucet Is Too Smart For A Faucet


By Evan Ackerman

Please, don’t stone me for saying this, but at some point I feel like maybe it’s prudent to draw the line when it comes to turning absolutely everything into an internet enabled, be-touchscreen’d gadget. This faucet, for example. The SmartFaucet from iHouse has adjustable flow, an internal heating coil to provide hot water faster, and LEDs that change color based on temperature. That’s all very nice. But it also has a little camera with face recognition software that will automatically adjust the water to the exact temperature and pressure that you like. And, the integrated touchscreen displays weather information, your personal calendar, and you can even somehow use it to check email.

I know it’s cool, but I mean, seriously, email? On a touchscreen on a water faucet? Overkill. What isn’t overkill is iHouse’s cell phone controlled bathtub, which will prepare the perfect bath for you with a single phone call. Brilliant.

All of this stuff is, of course, expensive enough that I can’t tell you how expensive it is.

[ iHouse ] VIA [ Born Rich ]

3 thoughts on “SmartFaucet Is Too Smart For A Faucet”

  1. I think you’re right. People tend to go a bit overboard with the technology. When I’m washing my hands, I just want to be washing, nothing else. I don’t want to think about my work, check my email, any of that. We all need a few moments.

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