Smart Mug With Temperature Control

Smart Mug with Temperature Control (Image courtesy Gifts and Gadgets Online)By Andrew Liszewski

Burn yourself on a hot coffee at McDonald’s and you’ve pretty much won the lottery. But burn yourself on a hot coffee at home and all you’re left with is the pain. The Smart Mug is a safer alternative since it will heat liquids to a user defined temperature anywhere from 85 to 160 degrees when plugged into your car’s 12-volt adapter. I’m not sure if will work on standard AC since an adapter is not included but I assume it must.

Once your desired temperature has been reached an alert will sound letting you know your piping hot beverage is ready to drink. There’s even a small LCD display on the outside of the mug that monitors and displays the temperature of the liquid at all times just in case. And while the outside probably needs to be carefully hand-washed the inner mug that actually holds your beverage is removable and dishwasher safe.

The Smart Mug is currently available from Gifts and Gadgets Online in red or blue for $25.

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