Small Device Performs Mobile To Mobile Charge Transfer

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By David Ponce

We’re a little short on details about this particular product, but we figure it’s got some potential. It allows you to essentially “jumpstart” a cellphone with a dead battery, simply by attaching it to another one with some charge. You don’t even have to wait until the battery has been charged: you can make your call right away, with the other cell thusly joined.

There’s even a handy LED to help you out in the dark. Now, this is really all we know. No word on price, availability, potential market, or what. And yes, we’re aware of hand cranks, and other emergency cellphone power solutions. We just thought that a gadget that made cellphones mate was really kinda cool.

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3 thoughts on “Small Device Performs Mobile To Mobile Charge Transfer”

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  2. It seems to be a good product. However, there is a logical gap in product offering. It looks it is a technology product for the sake of technology and not for the sake of solving the battery life problem.
    The logic is simple – If one has to carry a gizmo with a mobile phone, one might carry a spare battery. A battery will allow uninterrupted power supply without having to have another phone.

    A real breakthrough will happen when someone develops a product that can transmit power from a remote location!

    Best regards, Vijay Shukla

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