Slink-O-Matic Does The Slinking For You

Slink-O-Matic Does The Slinking For You

By Andrew Liszewski

Designed primarily for persons living in single floor ranch-style homes (I’m assuming) the Slink-O-Matic does the slinking for you when you’re lacking a staircase, or even adequate multi-hand coordination. It was built by Jim Sellers out of Oregon, and is a perfect example of a ‘why ask why?’ invention. I’m also excited about his rumored pet rock walker, and his upcoming hula hoop straightener.

Slink-O-Matic (Images courtesy Jim Sellers)

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  1. It is definitely cool, but half the fun of playing with a slinky, for me at least, was the tactile feedback. That little series of jarring sensations was always kind of like a newton's cradle for your sense of touch.

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