Slim Speakers Masquerade As Framed Photos (Though The Cables Probably Give Them Away)

MIRAEPLASMA MP-170 Speakers (Images courtesy AVING USA)
By Andrew Liszewski

A Korean company by the name of MIRAEPLASMA has just released a set of super thin stereo film speakers called the MP-170. The speakers use a special plasma technology, which is presumably what allows them to be so thin. They’re also designed to be used with a desktop computer and can be made to blend into your workspace by customizing them with a photo of your choosing.

So whether it’s an out of focus shot of your wife on your wedding day, or a horizontally squished version of the Mona Lisa, at least you won’t be staring at some boring speaker grills all day. The MP-170 speakers will be available in the Korean market initially for about $33, but could eventually make their way to North America.

[ MIRAEPLASMA MP-170 ] VIA [ Ubergizmo ]