Slegoon Is The Ultimate Sled

By Luke Anderson

I always enjoyed sledding as a kid, but as an adult you tend to lose interest in it quickly. Sure, those few seconds you’re going down the giant hill are fun and all, but lets face it, it’s not as good as you remember it. So how do you put the fun back in sledding? You get yourself a new sled.

This Slegoon is designed to go twice as fast as a normal sled, which sounds pretty fun to me. Twice as fast means twice as dangerous, so they’ve added in some roll bars to protect you. Those bars to more than prevent you from landing head-first into the snow too. If you take a nasty turn too fast and flip, they’ll act as extra runners so you can keep going. Now all you need to do is find a big enough hill, that and find someone to actually make one of these for you.

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