Sleep Tight With A Vibrating Pillow

By Evan Ackerman

Snore I hope you’re not disappointed when I tell you that Francebed‘s vibrating pillow is designed for chronic snorers. Inside the memory foam pillow is an audible snore detection system, and if you make so much as the tiniest little snorfle, the pillow will shake, either waking you up or at least getting you to move around bit, hopefully solving the problem. Either that, or you just won’t get any sleep, but at least your partner will for a change. For those in total denial, the pillow even includes a mic jack for your mate to playback your melodies in the morning. And hey, if it vibrates it’s gotta have some electronics and batteries in there, so as a last resort it ought to make a more effective bludgeoning device. Look for it in September for about $240.

[ Product Page (Translated From Japanese) ] VIA [ Tokyomango ]

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