Splashpower To Recharge Your Stuff Wirelessly

splashpowerIf you have more than one electronic device to recharge, and we suspect you do, then Splashpower might work for you. It’s a two-part system that allows you to charge multiple devices, simultaneously, without the need for any wires. The first part is a Splashmodule that attaches to any given device. They are said to be thin and customised to the shape of your gadget.

The second part is the Splashpad, which does the actual charging. Simply place your Splashmodule enabled devices on the Splashpad, and through the witchery of electromagnetic induction, they’ll get juiced up. No need to have four or five different charge cables, or pesky plugin-in.

There’s no mention of a rice anywhere. Also, we not sure if we’re looking at vaporware; the company’s been promising a product launch for a few years now, and nothing to show, but here’s hoping they keep their “sometime in 2006” promise.

[Splashpower] VIA [Ubergizmo]

2 thoughts on “Splashpower To Recharge Your Stuff Wirelessly”

  1. Contacless chargers for electric toothbrushes has been around for more than a decade so this is not vaporware, it already exists, even for other applications than for toothbrushes. Splashpower is just not good enough negotiators to get any of the larger manufacturers of consumer goods to adopt their way of designing the chargers or their services or way of thinking or doing business – my guess 😉

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