Skype Travel Mouse

Skype Travel Mouse

Portable Skype Travel Mouse (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re a heavy Skype user this travel mouse will slightly reduce the number of laptop accessories you have to carry while away from home. It’s a pretty basic 800dpi optical mouse, with two buttons and a scroll wheel but it’s the Skype features that set it apart.

First off there’s a 128×64 pixel LCD display on top which can display caller ID and other info. The mouse also slides open to reveal a standard numeric keypad, allowing you to answer a call or dial a number without having to use the computer it’s connected to. Of course if you feel stupid holding the mouse to your head to answer a call, it also has a hands free speakerphone option. And besides not looking stupid, it also allows you to use the computer while talking to someone.

You can find the Skype Travel Mouse at for $42.50.

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