Skizee (Images courtesy Skizee)

Skizee Turns A Skier Into A Snowmobile

Skizee (Images courtesy Inventive Minds Inc.)
By Andrew Liszewski

Not to knock those who enjoy a good cross-country run, but skiing seems to be a lot more fun when gravity does all the work for you. But not everyone has access to majestic peaks that make a downhill run possible, so that’s where the Skizee enters the picture. It’s kind of like a snowmobile minus the seat and front skids, which are replaced by a person wearing skis. So what you’re left with is just the tread part, powered by a 10.5 hp 4-stroke engine, which pushes a skier forward at what looks to be a pretty good clip based on the following video:

When folded down the Skizee can easily fit in the trunk of a car making it infinitely more portable than actual snowmobiles, which usually require their own trailer. But not surprisingly something this fun looking doesn’t come cheap. And in addition to buying a set of skis which aren’t included, the Skizee will set you back $2,500.

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