Skip The Coffee, Eat This Awake Chocolate Bar Instead


Everyone loves a good cup o’ Joe in the morning, but sometimes you gotta run. Ain’t nobody got time to be spilling hot coffee all over your hand as you run for the bus. Grab an Awake Chocolate Bar on the way out instead, and you’ll still get as much caffeine as you would have in a regular cup of coffee. They come in dark, milk or chocolate caramel flavours and are said to taste delicious. $29 for a 12 pack.

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2 thoughts on “Skip The Coffee, Eat This Awake Chocolate Bar Instead”

  1. You know it’s different from what you have gotten in coffee. If that chocolate has caffeine, it doesn’t mean you skip coffee because it has caffeine. If we like chocolate, then don’t substitute it for coffee. It’s different feeling to sip a cup of coffee.

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