Sketch Art = Lite-Brite TNG

Sketch Art = Lite-Brite TNG

Sketch Art (Image courtesy Hi-Tec Art)
By Andrew Liszewski

Lite-Brite is one of those toys that has managed to withstand the test of time with very little innovation. You jam plastic pegs in a hole, they light up, you get art. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. Sketch Art from a company called Hi-Tec Art is a lot like Lite-Brite, but instead of clear plastic pegs it uses individual LEDs that stick to the background and light up on their own.

Each set comes with 100 3mm LEDs of assorted colors, and while I’d like to say that magnets and induction are the secrets to how this works, the mention of ‘LED Insertion’ and ‘LED Extraction’ tools in the ‘What’s in the Box’ list makes me think that’s not the case. $49.95 from Hi-Tec Art’s website.

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10 thoughts on “Sketch Art = Lite-Brite TNG”

  1. So it's like Lite Brite 2000. I used to while away the seconds with my Lite Brite. Or was it my Sisters? I can remember breaking it so it must have been hers.

  2. Well of course the pegs had color but having those requires that you don't have cousins who's sole goal in life was to make them go away.

  3. OO i hope the new led's are are choke-ably delicious as the originals. I though parents had rid the world of toys that could in any way shape or form could be dangerous.

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