Skateboard Decks With Laser Etched 3D Art

3D Art Skateboard Decks (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

Since the basic skateboard design doesn’t really vary from one company to another they tend to set themselves apart through the unique artwork seen on the underside of their decks. And if you thought today’s skateboard designs were cool just wait till you see these. A select group of 80 designers and artists were given the chance to take their traditional 2-D designs into the 3rd dimension.

Using a PC hooked up to an Epilog Legend 36EXT Laser the artist’s designs were burned into the 7 layers of plywood that typically make up a skateboard deck. The laser itself uses a lens and two mirrors to focus and shape the beam and thanks to a very fast pulse rate produces photo quality 1,200 dpi etchings.

The various designs can be seen at the Refill Seven art exhibit which recently debuted in Sydney and will hopefully be touring the world. But the best part is that each design will be burned on up to 50 boards and will be sold at the Reed Space Gallery in New York this fall for $500 a piece.

[ Designers Use Laser to Grind 3-D Art Into Skateboard Decks ] VIA [ Fosfor Gadgets ]