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Skate Home Is Obsessed About Skateboards, But In A Good Way

By David Ponce

Manuel Llorens is a skater. He also happens to be a technical architect and with his wife decided to launch Skate Home. It's a company that sells furniture made from skateboards. Nothing but skate boards. There are skate board chairs, mirrors, shelves, benches and even mirrors. Manuel really likes skate boards. But his designs are different and striking. The prices however are a reflection of this uniqueness: the above shelf for example costs €269 (abut $361 in today's dollars).

Manuel contacted us and directly pitched us. Seeing as we like good design and often feature household items, we figure we'd give him a little shout out. So if you share his passion, or are just looking to deck your place out with stuff that isn't from IKEA, hit the jump for more pictures and a link.

[ Skate Home ]

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