Sitsack Takes All The Fun And Comfort Out Of Bean Bag Chairs, But Improves Regular Chairs

SitSack (Image courtesy futuretrendsmagazine)By Andrew Liszewski

When you first look at the SitSack created by James Van Vossel, you get the idea that the designer has completely missed the point of bean bag chairs. I mean you’re supposed to be able to just plop down on one and not have to worry about posture or how you’re eventually going to get up. But with a molded plastic chair grafted onto the top of this bean bag, the last thing you’ll want to do is just plop down on it.

But if you think of the SitSack as an alternative to a regular chair, you start to see that the design has some merit. In grade school I was notorious for leaning back in my chair, and when you’re only resting on two legs, the odds are pretty good you’re going to end up on the floor. However, with a giant bean bag underneath your seat instead of just 4 legs, you can lean back or position the chair any way you want with a minimal risk of falling over.

[ James Van Vossel’s Sitsack ] VIA [ DesignSpotter ]