Siri Ported To iPhone 4, Developer Doesn’t Release It

By David Ponce

Yeah, so the iPhone 4S came out a while ago and aside from a faster processor, everyone was pointing to Siri as being the only real improvement over the iPhone 4. Of course, Siri is software and it didn’t take long until hackers figured out how to port Siri over to the previous generation device. That early port was rather useless since the real processing and the brains behind Siri take place on Apple’s servers; these servers only talked to Siri requests coming from an iPhone 4S and nothing else. But now there’s a new port out that has succeeded in getting Apple’s servers talking to other devices. So yeah, Siri obviously works outside of the 4S.

That’s nice to know. Except we can’t get our hands on this yet since whoever developed this has decided not to release the port. It was more of a proof of concept.

Fear not Internauts, this is the interconnected tubes and it’s only a matter of time until others walk in these footprints and take away the most and only compelling reason to upgrade from an iPhone 4.

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1 thought on “Siri Ported To iPhone 4, Developer Doesn’t Release It”

  1. Well done in making the developer sounding like a schmuck. ┬áThe developer won’t be releasing the port because it requires files from an iPhone4, to which he doesn’t have permission to re-release, lest he be struck down by the zombie hand of Jobs.

    He will however be publishing the 20 steps required to perform the hack, in due course.

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