Simple MP3 Player Includes Built-in FM Transmitter

MP3 Player with Built-in FM Transmitter (Image courtesy Maplin)
By Andrew Liszewski

Unless you’ve bought a new car or upgraded your stereo in the past few years you probably don’t have an easy way to enjoy your MP3s while driving. One of the more popular (and affordable) solutions to the problem has been to use an FM transmitter to broadcast the songs to your car’s radio and this is the first MP3 player I’ve seen to actually have that functionality built-in.

A small antenna supposedly improves the transmission signal and the FM frequency can be set between 88.1 and 106.1 FM depending on which stations are not already being used in your particular area. The player comes in 1Gb or 2Gb versions, is compatible with both MP3 and WMA files and supports simple drag and drop file transfers. A ‘multi-color’ OLED display provides basic navigation functionality and even though it’s about the size of a postage stamp also allows you to read e-books. As for battery life when just listening to MP3s you’re looking at around 10 hours of playback but with the FM transmitter working that gets reduced to about 5 hours.

The player is currently available from Maplin at about $60 for the 1Gb version and about $80 for the 2Gb.

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