Sima Inflatable Home Theater Kit

Sima Inflatable Home Theater Kit (Image courtesy Sima Products Corporation)
By Andrew Liszewski

You don’t need to be having a feud with the neighbors to enjoy this inflatable Home Theater Kit from Sima but I’m sure blasting Top Gun from your backyard will annoy them anways.

The 8-foot inflatable screen uses a bright vinyl material and is compatible with either a front or rear projection setup. The whole thing will inflate in about 4 or 5 minutes using an included pump and has self-sealing air valves that allow for a quick deflation. The theater even comes with a pair of 100w weatherized speakers if your definition of home theater includes the term ‘stereo sound.’

The Inflatable Home Theater Kit is currently available from Brookstone’s website for $999.95. Whether or not dropping a grand is worth it to upgrade your bedsheet draped over the clothesline theater is up to you.

[Sima Inflatable Home Theater Kit] VIA [BornRich]