Silicone Oven Shields For Forgetful Chefs

Silicone Oven Shields For Forgetful Chefs

Silicone Oven Shields (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

It might not make for great stage demos like the iPhone, but I’ll be damned if these low-tech silicone oven shields aren’t the cleverest invention I’ve seen all week. While you can get oven mitts made from silicone that do the same thing, I like that these oven shields stay permanently attached to the racks so they’re always there to protect your fingers from burns (if you’re the forgetful type) since they stay cool to the touch in temperatures up to 450F. Unfortunately at one point they were available from quite a few online shops like Amazon for about $10 each, but they seem to be disappearing or going out of stock. Anyone know a reliable place to buy these?

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  1. Amazon still sells them but the 26 reviews are terrible.. difficult to attach to the racks, they get too hot to touch at 350 degrees and are not safe to use at temps over 420 degrees (apparently they smoke and melt above this temp). The concept is great (after all, who hasn’t burned their hand on an oven rack) but it seems these are not the answer.

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