Silentmaxx ST11-PRO Sound Muffling PC Case

Silentmaxx ST11-PRO Sound Muffling PC Case

By David Ponce

There are those among us who don’t fully appreciate the sweet ratchety melody of a hard drive head nervously seeking disparate sectors, or the low calming whir of a poorly designed cooling fan. These people prefer silence over electromechanical beats, and for them, the Silentmaxx ST11-PRO might do the trick.

It’s a simple $160 PC case that features sound isolating panels on the inside. There’s a ventilation grille on top, and enough room for up to three hard drives.

[Silentmaxx ST11-PRO] VIA [Xataka]

2 thoughts on “Silentmaxx ST11-PRO Sound Muffling PC Case”

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  2. It doesn just isolate sound, it insulates the heat. Get a normal PC case with good cooling option two 12cm fan slots in the side and one on the top + PSU then CPU and PSU fan will not overwork themselves. This case had a 12cm fan intake in the bottom that was very interesting.

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