Signal Sorcerer – Why Wait For A Green Light?

Signal Sorcerer (Image courtesy Iron Horseman Technologies)By Andrew Liszewski

Here’s one of those products that not only makes you surprised they actually exist but also at the fact that they’re available to the public.

Now first off let me clarify that the Signal Sorcerer is not one of those infra-red devices used by firetrucks or other emergency vehicles to trigger a pre-emptive sensor on a traffic light to make it turn green. Those are most definitely against the law if you’re not authorized to have or use one.

The Signal Sorcerer is actually designed for use on traffic lights that rely on inductive loop systems that are buried in the asphalt near the intersection. (Those large black-outlined rectangles commonly seen around intersections.) These systems detect the presence of iron in order to determine if the light needs to be changed because a vehicle is sitting at the intersection. (They’re not triggered by weight.) Unfortunately a lot of modern motorcycles don’t have enough iron materials in them for the inductive loop to detect their presence so the Signal Sorcerer is designed to generate a powerful field to substantially increase the induction in the loop improving the chances of the system detecting your ride.

So while the Signal Sorcerer does not give you an instant green light I can already think of a few ways for one of these to be misused. (No I will not post them.) However at the moment they don’t seem to be illegal so all you Vespa drivers out there can pick one up from their website for only $19.95.

[ Signal Sorcerer ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

2 thoughts on “Signal Sorcerer – Why Wait For A Green Light?”

  1. Oddly enough when I tried to check out the link at work I got a “The Websense category “Illegal or Questionable” is filtered.” from our web filtering software….


  2. I seriously doubt your poor explanation for a legal use as i can trigger these contacts with my old crappy bike. But maybe it?s our strong german ?large black-outlined rectangles commonly seen around intersections?.

    b_e_w_a_r_e of the sound following the above link! Hope this helped somebody, scared the hell outta me.

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